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Featured Company: Rising Roll Gourmet
Rising Roll Gourmet is a company that, through our partnership and belief in our proven methods and common philosophies, have found success in franchising their business.

The recipe for Rising Roll Gourmet is a simple one:
Provide high-quality food in a comfortable atmosphere with personalized service. The menu of this casual lunch restaurant includes fresh made-to-order sandwiches, salads and soups.

How Franchising Concepts Contributed to the Concept:
Rising Roll began working with Franchising Concepts a year after the company had begun to try the franchising process itself. The Rising Roll management found that going it alone was a difficult proposition with many overwhelming unknowns and time-consuming pitfalls to contend with. In only three months after working together with Franchising Concepts, all of the legal documentation was in place and the franchising campaign was launched.

The Results of the Partnership:
Franchise sales began, and 25 territories were sold within the initial 18 months of operation. To date, 35 territories have been sold. Sixteen stores are now in operation with many other locations under construction or in the lease negotiation stage.

What the Founder of Rising Roll Gourmet Has to Say
About Working with Franchising Concepts:

ďAs the founder of Rising Roll Gourmet, I owned three restaurants and felt that I was stretched very thin. Trying to be in many places at once and keeping our quality standards high became difficult.

I was always against the possibility of franchising because I believed that franchising our concept would mean we would have to lower our quality standards as in most cases with businesses that began to franchise their concept. However, the people at Franchising Concepts had the same high quality standards for concepts that they represented as I did. We learned from Franchising Concepts that selling franchises was never a numbers game. We would only grow as fast as we had exceptional franchisees to grow with. I also had the right to reject any franchisee for any reason. This process assured that my concept would grow with first-rate franchisees.

Franchising Concepts is an exceptional company that offers superior knowledge in the franchising industry. They were able to help take our Mom & Pop business and turn it into a national chain. We would not be where we are today if we had not begun our franchising partnership with Franchising Concepts."

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