No Glass Ceiling

No Glass Ceiling

Among Millennials and Gen Xers, Women are more interested in Franchising than Men

Through their higher interest in franchising than men, younger women are breaking the glass ceiling and letting their entrepreneurial spirit shine through.

Women account for a greater share of Franchise inquiries than men, according to a recent Franchise Insight publication. Among the younger generations in particular, women lead in the number of franchise inquiries made to franchises in 2020. The specific data provided is below:

Among Millennials and Gen X, Women Outpace Men in Share of Franchise Interest

We believe this to be very exciting news. Over our decades of franchise experience in selling and supporting franchisees, we have worked with so many incredible women franchise operators. Also, with the “ever growing” large category of franchise opportunities now available, the odds of finding the right franchise opportunity for women searching for business ownership are strong.